Quantest Online app

The QUANTEST lab produces affinity sheets to select the right candidate quickly, without paperwork and without the royalties of a conventional agency. The Quantest Online Quantest allows the employer to obtain these sheets in 100% automated mode. Register and try.

How does it work ?

  1. Choose the desired selection test and get your quote instantly.
  2. To save a test, simply log in. Registration and use of the interface are always free of charge.
  3. While logged in, type in the relevant form the general details of the candidates and those of the job to be filled.
  4. Test registration redirects to your customer area where you can check and place the order.
  5. The test goes to the production laboratory as soon as you pay. You don't have to do anything else!
  6. The affinity sheets being developed and loaded into your customer area, you are notified by email.

QUANTEST: radio-biometrics applied to tests without face-to-face nor candidate involvement.

The signal of the interaction between biometrics of the candidate and the criterion is interfered by the modulator tuned to the biometrics of the job. The measurement of interference quantifies the candidate's current criterion compared to the optimum for the job. To learn more, visit the blog.